Property Investor

Take Stock & Set Sail

Optimise Portfolio Now, and Be Prepared For Opportunity.

Now we have enjoyed the fruits of the growth spur, it’s more important than ever to take stock of your portfolio, refine and optimise your cashflow & asset base. Take a strategic approach to steer through the anticipated rising waves of interest rates, tightening of lending policies and avoid the icebergs of investment traps.

As market adjusts in eastern cities, where capital growth normalises and rental yield slowing picking up, be prepared to capitalise under-valued areas, up-and-coming hubs and cities and panic-sales.

12-SEP (TUE) 12:30pm Sydney CBD

"Lunch & Learn:Perspective:Live where you like, invest where money is."

  1. Are you a property investor looking for strategies that optimise your investment portfolio?
  2. Are you a first home buyer who does not have enough money for that dream home?
  3. Self-employed or PAYG: optimise your cashflow and sustainably build an asset porfolio
  4. Renter Investor – what does this mean? Does it apply to me?

Lunch will be provided for registered attendees, booking essential.

16-SEP (SAT) 2pm Pyrmont

Diversified Investment Strategy - for Entrepreneurs and Employees

For the Entrepreneur: One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs made is not having a strategic weath-building plan outside of your main business. Diversify your investment portfolio to have your hard-earned money working harder for you, through the ups & downs of your business.

For The Employee: Cost of living and inflation are two major earning-drainers eroding away your income. Smart people turn cashflow into assets so they can be financially secured without having to work for it – unchain yourself from the golden cuffs and give yourself the freedom to do what you love!

12-SEP (TUE) 6:30PM Sydney CBD

SMSF Workshop

  1. Is SMSF suitable for me?
  2. What are the most common mistakes people make regarding SMSFs?
  3. Is buying direct property in a SMSF a good idea?
  4. How would regulation changes on super fund affect me from 1 July 2017?

Light dinner will be provided for registered attendees, booking essential.