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Federal & State Regulation Changes

Many regulations changes came into effect on the 1st of July 2017, at both Federal and State levels. Find out how these changes can impact you.

Yandilla Shearing

A Walk In Newstead

The "Pyrmont of Brisbane": A Gentrification Success Story

Similar to Pyrmont, Newstead in Brisbane is close to CBD, a water frontage suburb that has undergo dramatic transformation to become one of the most desirable suburb in Brisbane. The Jackson’s Landing of Pyrmont is the most exclusive and expensive part, the top tip of Pyrmont surrounded by water – wouldn’t you wish you bought into one of these apartments at half the price of what they are worth now, when they were first built years ago?

If you have read the story of the Wakil family, who made their incredible fortune with their property investment portfolio, there is an opportunity for you now with Newstead Series.

Crisis & Opportunity

Opportunity in Crisis

Foreign Investors' "Fire Sale"

Australian banks tightened lending policy to foreign investors since mid-2016. Crisis for foreign buyers, opportunity for Australians. Why is there an opportunity? Avoid the pitfalls with useful tips.

Pyrmont 2013

A Walk In Pyrmont

A Gentrification Success Story - How Urbanisation Transforms CBDs

Pyrmont Рone of the most expensive suburb in Sydney today, was once the ugly duckling that no-one wants to live in. From the colonial days of sandstone quarries, sugar refinery,  refuse incinerator, slums, and fishery, read about its transformation and the legendary story of the Wakil family who made a fortune out of the properties in and around Pyrmont.